Create community wikis programmatically 

To create a community wiki, send a POST request to the remote applications feed of the community to which you want to add the wiki.

Before you begin

You cannot add a wiki to a community programmatically until the Wikis widget has been added to the community using the Customize menu option in the product user interface. It is not until the widget is explicitly added that the service document resource for wikis is available from the remote applications feed.

See Authenticating requests for information about how to authenticate the request.

  1. Determine the URI to which to POST the wiki Atom document to create the community wiki by first accessing the service document for remote applications. See Retrieve a remote applications list for more details.

  2. Create an Atom document to represent the community wiki.

  3. Send the Atom document using a POST request to the following URI:

      Table 1. Atom API request details
      Method Resource URI Input representation
      POST Communities remote applications feed Value of the href attribute in the <link> element that has the following rel attribute value: rel="" for the entry with the Wikis category in the remote applications Atom document of the community to which you want to add the wiki. wiki


Provide an Atom entry document that contains the wiki entry as the post data. The content type must be "application/atom+xml".



Returned HTTP headers

HTTP/1.1 201 Created

Error codes

Parent topic

Work with remote applications

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