Copying an entry 

You can add a copy of an entry to a new location in the same activity or to a different activity. Copy an entry when you want to move it to a section, group it with related entries, or sort entries in a specific sequence, but also want to keep a copy of the entry in its current position.

Before you begin

Authors can copy their own entries only. Owners can copy any entry. To copy an entry to a different activity, you also must be an author or owner of the destination activity.

About this task

If you copy an entry that has one or more replies, its replies are copied with it.


  1. From the My Activities view, open an activity and scroll to the entry that you want to copy.

  2. Click More Actions -> Copy.

      Note: If you cannot see the More Actions link, your view may be collapsed. Click the entry title to expand the entry.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • To add a copy of the entry to a different activity, from the Copy to Activity tab, select an activity from the list.

        When copying an entry to another activity, you cannot specify where to position the entry in the other activity. Later, you can open the other activity and move the entry within it as a separate step.

    • To add a copy of the entry to a section, click the Copy to Section tab, and then select a section from the list.

    • To position a copy of the entry after another entry in the current activity, click the Copy to Entry tab, and then select an entry name from the list.

  4. Click Copy.

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