Copying Search conversion tools to local nodes 

Copy Search conversion tools to local nodes to enable full indexing of data.

Before you begin

Perform this task only on nodes in the Search cluster

Steps 1-3 and 7-8 are required for all supported operating systems. Steps 4-6 are required only if you are using the AIX or Linux™ operating system.

If your deployment has only one node, skip steps 1-3.

About this task

The Search conversion tools make it possible to index Files and Wiki attachments. However, the conversion tools are initially deployed on a network share so copy them to each node in the Search cluster.

If you are performing this task after you have added a node to an existing cluster, as described in the Add a node to a cluster topic, you need to complete the steps in this task only if the new node is a member of the Search cluster.

To copy Search conversion tools to local nodes...


  1. Identify nodes in the Search cluster.

    1. Log in to the WAS Integrated Solutions Console and click Servers -> Clusters -> WebSphere application server clusters.

    2. Click <cluster_name> , where <cluster_name> is the name of the Search cluster.

    3. In the Additional Properties area, expand Cluster members and then click Details.

    4. In the table of cluster members, make a note of the nodes that host the cluster members.

      Note: References to nodes in the remaining steps of this task apply only to nodes in the Search cluster.

  2. Copy the shared_data_directory_root/data/shared/search/stellent/dcs/oiexport directory from the shared content folder to a local directory on each node. Use exactly the same path on each node.

      The following path is an example only and might be different on your system:

      • AIX or Linux: /opt/IBM/LotusConnections/data/local/search/stellent

      • Windows: C:\IBM\LotusConnections\data\local\search\stellent

      The new directory contains the exporter executable file.

  3. On the dmgr, update the FILE_CONTENT_CONVERSION Websphere variable to point to the exporter file in the local directory on each node.

      For example: /opt/IBM/LotusConnections/data/local/search/stellent/dcs/oiexport/exporter

      Note: The exporter file must be in the same file path on all nodes.

      For more information about WebSphere variables, see the Change WAS environment variables topic.

  4. (AIX and Linux only) Back up the file on each node. This file is located in the app_server_root/AppServer/bin directory.

  5. (AIX and Linux only) Add the following text to the end of the file on each node:

    1. export PATH=$PATH:<SearchBinariesHome>/dcs/oiexport

        where <SearchBinariesHome> is the path to the directory that you specified in Step 2.

    2. (Choose the option for your operating system.)

      • AIX: export LIBPATH=$LIBPATH:<SearchBinariesHome>/dcs/oiexport

      • Linux: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:<SearchBinariesHome>/dcs/oiexport

  6. Restart all node agents.

  7. Restart WAS on each node.

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