Configure the number of prefetches 

Edit settings in the communities-confluence-config.xml file to configure the number of prefetches that you want to allow from Confluence wikis.

About this task

When you associate a Confluence wiki with a community, the feed that displays on the community's Overview page might initially display as empty if the Confluence server does not populate it with content. Prefetching the feed content helps to clear empty feeds from Confluence so that when the Overview page is displayed, the feed is valid and it displays the latest updates from the wiki. The number of prefetches is set to 20 by default. There is no defined upper limit.

You might want to disable prefetching if basic authentication for Confluence does not work, for example, when Confluence has been configured to require Computer Associates' SiteMinder authentication for feeds, or if the Confluence server behavior changes and a valid feed is always available. You can disable prefetching by setting the value of the maxFeedPrefetches property to 0.

To configure the number of prefetches from Confluence wikis...


  1. Use a text editor, open the communities-confluence-config.xml file from the following location:


  2. Find the section of code containing the maxFeedPrefetches property. The code should look similar to the following:

      <!--  START WIKI CONFIG -->
        <comm:wikiService  enabled="@ENABLEMENT@">
          <comm:wikiHost value="@WIKI_HOST@"/>
          <comm:wikiHostPort value="@WIKI_HOST_PORT@"/>
          <comm:wikiHostSslPort value="@WIKI_HOST_SSL_PORT@"/>
          <comm:usernameAttr value="@USERNAME_ATTR@"/>
          <comm:baseUri value="@BASE_URI@"/>
          <comm:apiBaseUri value="@API_BASE_URI@"/>
          <comm:authentry value="@AUTHENTRY@"/>
          <comm:ldapHost value="@LDAP_HOST@"/>
          <comm:ldapPort value="@LDAP_PORT@"/>
          <comm:ldapBindEntry value="@LDAP_BIND_ENTRY@"/>
          <comm:ldapContextFactory value="com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory"/>
          <comm:maxFeedPrefetches value="20"/>

  3. Edit the value of the maxFeedPrefetches property as needed.

      For example:

      <comm:maxFeedPrefetches value="30"/>

      Note: To disable prefetching, set the value to 0.

  4. Save your changes and then close the communities-confluence-config.xml file.

  5. Restart the application server hosting Communities.

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