Configure the SharePoint plug-in 

After you install the IBM Connections plug-in for Microsoft™ SharePoint, you can make some configuration changes.

About this task

The default plug-in configuration is usually sufficient for most installations. To change any settings, follow this procedure:


  1. Log on to the Windows™ Server with the SharePoint administrator ID.

  2. From the Windows Start menu, choose IBM Connections 3.0 Plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint -> IBM Connections 3.0 Plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint Configuration.

      You can then perform any of these configuration tasks:

      • On the URL Settings tab, you can change any of the IBM Connections URLs specified during the installation. On MOSS, you can add or delete shared service providers or search centers.

      • On the Plug-in features tab, you can deactivate or activate features.

          Note: Deactivating the tag cloud removes the tag cloud web part from the Web Part catalog, but does not remove the web part itself from any pages. The option to add a tag cloud to a site page remains an option in the Add a Web Part list. If you do not want it to appear on that list, remove it manually.

      • If you add new SharePoint language packs after you install the plug-in, go to the Languages tab and click the Add New button. The configuration program will automatically scan the SharePoint installation and install new plug-in language packs.

      • On the Profiles tab, choose whether to display the IBM Connections profile or the SharePoint profile when a user clicks a name in the SharePoint user interface. You can also specify the number of results to display from a profile search.

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