Configure the IBM Connections portlets 

Configure the IBM Connections portlets to get data from the IBM Connections servers.

Before you begin

Before users can use the IBM Connections portlets, configure them and enter the URLs for the associated servers.

Note: The portlets support LTPA single sign-on. If the IBM Connections Server and IBM WebSphere Portal servers are configured for single sign-on, the only additional step to allow the portlets to use single sign-on to authenticate with IBM Connections is to set the Connections service URL for each portlet as described in the first two steps below. If end users specify their IBM Connections login credentials via the Personalize menu, the portlets will use basic authentication to authenticate with IBM Connections.

About this task

Follow these steps to configure the portlets.


  1. For each of the IBM Connections portlets you deployed, click the triangle icon in the corner of the portlet to display the portlet menu, then choose Configure from the portlet menu and enter the corresponding service URL.

      Note: You must use a secure URL, starting with https://, not http://.

      For example: .

      Note: When specifying the service URL for Search, do not specify the application name. For example, specify instead of

  2. When configuring theĀ Blogs portlet, also specify the Blogs Homepage Handle and supply the URL for the Connections Profiles service. For example, the Blogs handle might be Home and the URL for the Connections Profiles service might be

      Note: You must use a secure URL, starting with https://, not http://.

      To view or set the Blogs Homepage Handle:

      1. Log into Blogs as the Blogs Administrator.

      2. Click on the Administration tab.

      3. In the Configuration section, check the value set for Handle of blog to serve as frontpage blog. This is the Blog Homepage handle. This must be set in order for the Blog portlet to work properly. If the frontpage blog handle has not been set, please specify the handle of the blog to serve as the frontpage blog.

  3. For each portlet, choose Personalize from the portlet menu.

      Note: Skip this step and the next step if Single Sign-On is enabled.

  4. Enter your username and password for connection to each service.

What to do next

Authorize users and portlets so your end users can work with the IBM Connections portlets.

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