Configure the Delayed Synchronizer in a network deployment 

After installing the IBM Lotus Quickr connector in a networked environment, edit communities-quickr-config.xml to ensure that the Lotus Quickr Delayed Synchronizer is only enabled on one server.

About this task

A community's membership might go out of synchronization from time to time, for example, if the Lotus Quickr server is down when new members are being added to or deleted from a community. The Delayed Synchronizer looks at all the communities that have been modified in the past 14 days to check if the membership between the communities and the associated Lotus Quickr places has fallen out of synchronization. The synchronizer then propagates any changes to the Lotus Quickr place at a later time.

To edit the configuration information for the Delayed Synchronizer and enable it on one server...


  1. On the file system of the dmgr, open communities-quickr-config.xml in a text editor. Edit the file so that the <comm:serverToRunOn> element contains a string in the following format: <cellname>\<nodename>\<servername>

      For example:


  2. Save your changes and then apply them...

    1. Select System administration -> Nodes, select All nodes, and then click Full Resynchronize.

    2. From the main Integrated Solutions Console page, select Servers -> Clusters.

    3. Select the check box beside the cluster containing the nodes that have been updated, and then click Stop.

    4. Select the cluster and click Start.

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