Configure the Connections business card 

OPTIONAL: Enable the IBM® Connections business card so that your users can access Connections data such as a person's profile information.

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The Connections business card used by the portlets now supports the configuration where the email address is hidden in IBM Connections. The Connections user ID is used in place of the email address to render the Connections business card. In order to support this configuration, apply a WebSphere® Portal iFix so the business card will display properly.

Make sure that the ibm-primaryEmail attribute for WebSphere Portal is mapped to the proper email attribute in your LDAP server. For more information, refer to the topic, Mapping LDAP attributes, in the WebSphere Portal Information Center.

This fix also deals with a issue where the Persons names in the Profiles portlet does not appear to be clickable (no link when mouse hovers over). So install this fix anyway. Not only if you have the email addresses hidden in IBM Connections.


  1. Make sure the IBM Connections business card is enabled, following these steps from this WebSphere Portal wiki article.

  2. Apply WebSphere Portal iFixes. The iFix and feature packs can be downloaded from Fix Central.

      Portal 6.1.5:

      • WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 feature pack



      Portal 7:

      • for portal

      • for portal

  3. Verify that the IBM Connections business card is enabled, as follows:

    1. Open one of the Lotus® Connections portlets on WebSphere Portal and search for a person.

    2. Hover on the user's name to make sure the business card displays for this user. If not, the Connections business card is not configured properly.

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