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Configure delayed synchronization 

When you install the IBM Lotus Quickr connector, the delayed synchronization task is automatically configured with default settings. To change those settings to values that better suit your deployment, edit the <QuickrDelayedSync> settings in communities-quickr-config.xml.

About this task

The Lotus Quickr Delayed Synchronizer reconciles inconsistencies in membership synchronization between a Lotus Quickr place and its associated community. A community's membership might go out of synchronization from time to time, for example, if the Lotus Quickr server is down when new members are being added to or deleted from a community. The Delayed Synchronizer looks at all the communities that have been modified in the past 14 days to check if the membership between the communities and the associated Lotus Quickr places has fallen out of synchronization. The synchronizer then propagates any changes to the Lotus Quickr place at a later time.


To configure delayed synchronization between Lotus Quickr places and their associated communities...on the file system of the dmgr:

  1. Locate communities-quickr-config.xml:


  2. Edit the file and navigate to the bottom of the file to locate the QuickrDelayedSync settings.

      The QuickrDelayedSync task information looks similar to the following:

      <comm:QuickrDelayedSync enabled="true">
      <comm:startDelay value="60"/> <!-- minutes -->
      <comm:taskInterval value="60"/> <!-- minutes -->

  3. Update the settings as required. The following table displays information regarding the QuickrDelayedSync properties and the type of data that you can enter for them:

      Table 1. QuickrDelayedSync properties
      Property Description
      QuickrDelayedSync.enabled Enables synchronization to occur. This property takes a Boolean value: true or false.
      QuickrDelayedSync.startDelay The delay in minutes before the task starts. This property takes an integer value.
      QuickrDelayedSync.taskInterval The delay in minutes between consecutive tasks. This property takes an integer value.
      QuickrDelayedSync.daysBackToScan Limits the search for community changes. The default value of 14 indicates that only communities that have been modified in the past two weeks will be checked for missed propagations. This property takes an integer value.

  4. Save your changes to communities-quickr-config.xml.

  5. To apply your changes, stop and restart the Communities server.

What to do next

When you have multiple appservers running the Communities application, ensure that the Lotus Quickr Delayed Synchronizer is only enabled on one server...

  1. On the file system of the dmgr, open communities-quickr-config.xml in a text editor. Edit the file so that the <comm:serverToRunOn> element contains a string in the following format:


      For example:


  2. Save your changes and then apply them...

    1. Select System administration -> Nodes, select all the nodes, and then click Full Resynchronize.

    2. From the main Integrated Solutions Console page, select Servers -> Clusters.

    3. Select the check box beside the cluster containing the nodes that have been updated, and then click Stop.

    4. Select the cluster and click Start.

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