Configure authorization for foreign bus connections 

Configure authorization for foreign bus connections to enable buses to forward messages to foreign buses. You must perform this task using the wsadmin client.

Before you begin

To configure authorization for foreign bus connections, use the WAS wsadmin client. See Starting the wsadmin client for details.

About this task

You can authorize foreign bus connections by running the addUserToForeignBusRole command in the wsadmin client. The command needs to be run on both servers involved in the link.

Note: You must take care to connect to the correct server when running the command.

To configure authorization for foreign bus connections:


  1. Run the following command on the application server that has a foreign bus defined for the news repository server:

      AdminTask.addUserToForeignBusRole(' [-bus <busName>
       -foreignBus <foreignBusName> -role <roleName>
       -user <userName>]')

      The command takes the following parameters:

      Table 1. Parameters for the addUserToForeignBusRole command

      Parameter Description
      - bus The name of the bus on the server.
      - foreign bus The name of the foreign bus.
      - role This is always set to Sender.
      - user The user name defined in step 1 of the topic, Preparing to create bus links.

      For example:

      AdminTask.addUserToForeignBusRole(' [-bus Connections_ActivitiesServer_Bus -foreignBus Connections_NewsServer_Bus -role Sender -user]')

  2. Use the wsadmin tool, connect to the server hosting the news repository and run the command from step 1.

      For example:

      AdminTask.addUserToForeignBusRole(' [-bus Connections_NewsServer_Bus -foreignBus Connections_ActivitiesServer_Bus -role Sender -user]')

What to do next

Repeat the steps above for every application server in your configuration to link it to the server hosting the news repository.

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