Configure Links to Open Connections in the Same Browser Window 

OPTIONAL: You can configure the portlets so that when a user clicks a Connections link it opens Lotus Connection in the same browser window rather than the default, which is to open in a new window.

About this task

When you configure the portlets you can enable an option that allows users to access the full IBM Connections application from a portlet. Follow these steps to configure the option to open Connections in the same browser rather than opening a new window.


  1. Open the file, located at: <portal-profile-home>\installedApps\<node>\PA_WPF.ear\\WEB-INF\lcaccelerator\properties.

  2. Set the openExternalLinksInNewWindow property to false.

  3. Save your change and restart WebSphere Portal.

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IBM Connections Portlets for WebSphere Portal

May 24, 2011 8:03:15 AM


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