Configure Blogs 

Configure the Blogs application so that you and other users can create blogs.

Before you begin

You must configure an administrative user before you complete this procedure. For more information, see the Configure an administrative user topic.

About this task

Before you can start using the Blogs application, configure it.

To configure the Blogs application...


  1. Open a web browser and go to the Blogs web address that you specified for the Blogs application.

  2. From the Welcome to Blogs page, click the New Blog Creation Page link and then log in using the credentials of the Blog site administrator.

      Note: You must be a user with administrative level access to the Blog site to create a page.

  3. Enter details about the Blog site's home page on the Create Blog form. Specify the following information:


        Enter a name for the My Blog page. For example: home.

      Blog address

        Enter a value to use as the keyword for the home page. For example, home.


        Enter tags you think might be useful for your organization. For example, human-resources, travel, or new-hire.


        Enter a description of the My Blog page.


        Choose Blogs Homepage.

        Note: This value must be changed from its default of blogs to Blogs Homepage to ensure that user blogs are visible on the Blogs site.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Administration to open the site configuration settings page, and then enter the value for short name that you specified in Step 3 in the Handle of blog to serve as Blogs Homepage field.

      You can also provide values for the following site settings:

      • Site name – Enter a name for the blog site which is displayed on the home page of the blog site.

      • Blog title – Enter a short name for the blog which is displayed in the blog site banner.

      • Site description – Enter a description which is displayed below the site name on the home page and is provided as the feed description.

      For information about other configuration options, see the Administer Blogs section of the product documentation.

  6. Click Save.


The Blogs application with the default configuration is ready to be used.

When you click My Blog, the default Blog Site configuration is displayed. This is what users see when they access the site. Initially, there are no Blog entries. After users create Blogs and Blog entries, their entries are displayed on the Blogs Home page. Click the Help link for information about how to post entries and create a blog.

What to do next

Before you start using Blogs, edit the default email address from which system notifications are sent. If you do not edit this default email address, recipients might receive a delivery failure notification when they try to respond to any automatic notifications. Specify an administrator email address that has access rights to send mail. For detailed instructions, see the Specify an administrator email address for Blogs notifications topic in the Administration section of the product documentation.

For information about other configuration options, and how to implement them, refer to the Administration section.

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Mandatory post-installation tasks

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