ConfigEngine properties 

The ConfigEngine properties in the file are used during the export/import operation.

Production deployments often use more than one shared content store to avoid issues when all the applications are trying to read or write to the same attached device. In the event that you need to change the values of IBM WAS environment variables to match your deployment, update the properties in the IBM Connections configuration engine at the same time to ensure that the utility for exporting and importing functions correctly.

IBM Connections uses WAS environment variables at runtime, but during the export/import operation, the utility uses the file. The file is located in the following directory: <LC_install_dir>/ConfigEngine/properties/

Table 1. ConfigEngine properties

WebSphere environment variables ConfigEngine Properties
AUDIT_FILE_ROOT_DIR news.auditFileDir
BLOGS_CONTENT_DIR blogs.UploadDirectory
COMMUNITIES_STATS_DIR communities.StatisticDirectory
CONNECTIONS_CUSTOMIZATION_PATH connections.CustomizationDirectory
DOGEAR_FAVICON_DIR dogear.UploadDirectory
FILES_CONTENT_DIR files.UploadDirectory
FILE_CONTENT_CONVERSION search.StellentDirectory
FORUM_CONTENT_DIR forum.UploadDirectory
SEARCH_DICTIONARY_DIR search.DictionaryDirectory
WIKIS_CONTENT_DIR wikis.UploadDirectory

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