Completing the installation of the Lotus Quickr connector 

When installing the IBM Connections connector for Lotus Quickr in a network environment, you need to perform a number of steps on the dmgr server to complete the installation.

Before you begin

Install the Lotus Quickr connector on the dmgr server. For information on how to install the connector, see Install the IBM Connections Connector for Lotus Quickr.


After you have installed the Lotus Quickr connector on the dmgr server, perform the following steps to complete the network installation.

  1. Log in to the WAS Integrated Solutions Console for the dmgr.

  2. Select System administration -> Nodes, select All nodes, and then click Full Resynchronize.

  3. From the main Integrated Solutions Console page, select Servers -> Clusters.

  4. Select the check box beside the cluster containing the nodes that have been updated, and then click Stop.

  5. Select the cluster and click Start.

      Note: When the cluster starts, it first starts the application server. If this does not occur, start the application server by selecting Servers -> Server Types -> WebSphere application servers and then selecting the check box next to the web server for the application, for example, server1. Then click Start.

What to do next

The Lotus Quickr Delayed Synchronizer propagates community membership changes to associated Lotus Quickr places if the Lotus Quickr server is down when a community change occurs. In a networked environment, edit communities-quickr-config.xml to ensure that the Lotus Quickr Delayed Synchronizer is only enabled on one server. For more information, see Configure delayed synchronization.

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