Communities API navigation image description 

This image identifies the order in which to access the resources. It begins with the Service document. From the Communities Collections workspace in the service document, you can choose either the All communities, My communities, or My invitations resources. From the My invitations resource, you can access an invitation. From the All communities and My communities resources, you can access the Tags and Flags documents; you can also access a Community resource. From a Community, you can access a Subcommunity or the Bookmarks, Feed links, Forum topics, Members or Remote applications feeds. You can also access the Forum topics, Feed links, and Bookmarks from the Remote applications feed. In addition, it has links to resources for community activities, wikis, file collections, and blogs. From the Bookmarks feed, you can access a Bookmark. From the Feed links feed, you can access a Feed link. From the Forum topics feed, you can access a Forum topic or a Forum replies feed, from which you can access a Forum reply. From the Members feed, you can access a Member.