Change the display language 

If your administrator has enabled it, you can change the language used in the user interface so that all the IBM Connections applications display in your preferred language.

Before you begin

The application that allows you to change the language setting in IBM Connections is disabled by default. Your administrator must enable it. To find out if the application is enabled, look for your name in the navigation bar. If a language name is displayed beside your name, then the application is enabled.

About this task

Changing the display language of an application does not affect the language of the content that users have added to the application. For example, if an activity's entries are authored in English and you change the display language to French, the activity entries continue to be displayed in English. Only the user interface is displayed in French.

To change the display language...


  1. Click the arrow next to the language displayed beside your name in the navigation bar.

  2. Select a language from the list.

      If the list does not include your preferred language and your preferred language is defined in the locale setting of the web browser that you are using, select Browser Setting.


The page is refreshed and the user interface is displayed in the selected language. If you do not see a change, refresh the page.

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