Change node-level configuration settings 

Before you begin

To edit configuration files, use the wsadmin client. See Starting the wsadmin client for details.

About this task

These commands are run specific to the node. In a clustered environment with multiple nodes the commands described below will need to be run for each node. Node-level configuration change requires a restart of the related Bookmarks node. To change node-level settings:


  1. Open a command window and start the wsadmin command window. See the topic Edit application settings with the wsadmin client for details on starting the wsadmin client.

  2. After the wsadmin command environment has initialized, run the following command to initialize the Bookmarks environment and start the Bookmarks script interpreter:

      wsadmin>execfile('<$WAS_HOME>\profiles\<DMGR>\config\bin_lcadmin \')
      Note: This command should print out something similar to the following messages in the wsadmin console.
      Connecting to WebSphere:name=DogearTaskService,cell=TestServerNode01Cell,node=TestServerNode01,process=server1
      Connecting to WebSphere:name=DogearLinkService,cell=TestServerNode01Cell,node=TestServerNode01,process=server1
      Connecting to WebSphere:name=DogearPersonService,cell=TestServerNode01Cell,node=TestServerNode01,process=server1
      Connecting to WebSphere:name=DogearUrlService,cell=TestServerNode01Cell,node=TestServerNode01,process=server1
      Bookmarks MBeans initialized
      Bookmarks Configuration Environment initialized

  3. Check out the node-level configuration file with the following command:

      DogearNodeConfig.checkOutConfig(' [working_dir]', ' [cellName]', ' [nodeName]')
       [working_dir]  =  A temporary directory to checkout the node-level configuration
      file. This directory must already exist on the server where you are running wsadmin.
       [cellName] =  The name of the cell that the dogear node belongs to
       [nodeName] = The name of the dogear node 
      Example Usage:
      DogearCellConfig.checkOutConfig('c:/Admin/test', 'DogearServerNode01Cell', 'DogearServerNode01')
      The command should print out the message:
      Bookmarks node level configuration file successfully checked out

  4. To list current values for all node-level configuration settings:

      dogear_node configuration properties: = C:/ProgramFiles/IBM/LotusConnections  /Data/Bookmarks/AppSrv01_server1/index = C:/Program Files/IBM/LotusConnections /Data/Bookmarks/favicons
      iconService.favIcon.failoverGif = C:/Program Files/IBM/LotusConnections /Data/Bookmarks/favicons/internal.gif
      linkProcessingTask.batchsize = 300
      linkProcessingTask.interval = 15
      linkProcessingTask.nodeId = DogearServerNode01
      linkProcessingTask.start = 15

  5. To update node-level configuration, use a command similar to the following:

      DogearNodeConfig.updateConfig(' [key]', ' [value]')
       [key]  = a valid node level configuration setting
       [value] =  the new value for this configuration setting
      wsadmin>DogearNodeConfig.updateConfig('', 'c:/fullTextDirectoryLocation')
      Changing fullTextServiceProvider.stringProperty from
      C:/Program Files/IBM/LotusConnections/Data/Bookmarks/AppSrv01_server1/index
      to c:/fullTextDirectoryLocation

  6. Use the commands in the table below to update node-level settings. The first column displays the "key" entries that can be modified with the update command. The second column provides more information about the key and lists its default value.
    Option Description
    linkProcessingTask.start Integer. Determines the time interval (in minutes) the link processing task will wait from the time the Bookmarks Application is started before it begins processing links.

    Bookmarks has full text search which necessitates indexing of links. Therefore every link in the Bookmarks database must be indexed. The default value is 15 minutes.

    linkProcessingTask.interval Integer. Determines the time interval (in minutes) between each link processing job. This setting can be increased or decreased based on frequency of usage as well as for performance reasons. The default value is 15 minutes.
    linkProcessingTask.batchsize Integer. Determines how many links will be processed during each indexing job. The link processing task retrieves these links from the database based on the timestamp they were created.

    It is recommended that this setting not exceed 600 links. The default is 300 links.

    linkProcessingTask.nodeId String. Determines the node ID the link processing task will associate its processing with.

    Note: Changing the node ID for link processing task will restart indexing and link processing from the beginning using this new node ID. If you change the node ID you should also delete the old node ID from the Task list using the TaskServiceMBean. String. Determines where the full text index directory will be created on the file system. This will be located on the local file system of each node machine.

    Be sure to specify a location with room for growth as if there are a large number of links this will grow.

    Note: If you need to change the directory location for fullTextService, copy over the current index structure so indexing can continue. If you do not copy it over, use the TaskServiceMBean to reset the indexing task for this node ID or it will create a new index and start indexing from the beginning. String. Determines where the favicon image caches will be stored on the file system. This will be located on the local file system of each node machine.
    iconService.favIcon.failoverGif String. Determines the default intranet favicon image that may be used in cases where intranet sites do not offer favicons. If an icon is not provided or the image file is missing, Bookmarks will use a default icon.

    For proper rendering it is advised that 16 x 16 images files be used.

    Note: If you wish to clear your Favicon cache after changing the default favicon for intranet sites, delete the files under the directory specified for and the cache will regenerate itself.

  7. Use a command similar to the following to check in the node-level configuration file:

      # This command will print out something like the following: 
      Using configuration arguments :
              workingDirectory: c:/Admin/test
              cellName: cellName
              nodeName: nodeName
             serverName: None
      Loading schema file for validation: /c:/Admin/test/dogear-config-node.xsd
      c:/Admin/test/dogear-config-node.xml is valid
      Bookmarks node level configuration file successfully checked in

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