Change administrative credentials for the LDAP global unique ID 

When you change the credentials of the administrative user ID that serves as the global unique ID for IBM Connections, also update the federated repository configuration for IBM Connections.

Before you begin

This is an optional procedure.


  1. In the WAS administration console, expand Security, and then select Global security.

  2. Under User account repository, make sure Federated repositories is selected from the list, and then click Configure.

  3. Click the repository identifier value of the LDAP directory you are using with IBM Connections.

  4. Update the Bind ID and Bind password fields to specify a temporary LDAP ID, and then apply your changes.

  5. Synchronize the change to all application server nodes, and then stop all application servers and restart them. Verify that you can still log in to the Integrated Solutions Console after the dmgr restarts.

  6. Reset the actual production bind password in LDAP.

  7. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 to replace the temporary values that you specified for the Bind ID and password with the new ones.

  8. Restart the servers hosting IBM Connections.

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