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Represents a blog and the associated settings that define how the blog operates.

All elements are in the namespace, except those that are prefixed as follows:


Table 1. Blog definition entry elements

Element How treated on input Description
<id> Ignored Unique identifier of a blog entry.
<title> Required Entry title; a descriptive title of the blog as defined in the Atom specification. This title is displayed at the top of the blog page and in the title field of the blog newsfeed. Maximum length is 255 characters.
<summary> Optional A short text description of the blog; may be empty. This description can display at the top of the blog depending on the blog theme. Maximum length is 255 characters.
<category term="tag_word"/> Optional Repeat for each tag. Use this element to tag the blog definition; these tags are kept separate from the tags assigned to the postings to this blog.
<link rel="edit" type="application/atom+xml" href="edit_url"/> Ignored If you are an owner of the blog, use the web address in the href attribute to update or delete the blog. If you are an author of the blog, the following operations are supported on the address:

    Obtains a full representation of this blog as an Atom entry document.


    Updates this blog. First use the GET request to retrieve the current Atom document for the blog, make your updates, and then send the updated document as input to this request. If you do not first retrieve the current document, but instead send only your changes, you will lose the rest of the document content because all data is replaced by a PUT request.


    Deletes this blog, including all postings and comments.

<link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="xxxxxx"/> Ignored Use this web address to obtain a HTML representation of this blog for display in a web browser.
<app:edited> Ignored The date that this blog was last modified, as defined in the Atom publishing protocol specification.
<author> Optional An owner of this blog. IBM Connections automatically adds the user that created the blog as an author with owner permissions. This element may repeat for additional owners. Accepts the <name> element as specified in the Atom specification. You must also provide either an <email> or <snx:userid> element. If IBM Connections is configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed, then the <email> element is not supported. The <snx:userStatus> element identifies whether the person is an active or inactive user.
<contributor> Optional An additional author that may contribute to the blog with author permissions who is allowed to post entries, but is not an owner of the blog. See Table 2 for possible values of this element. This element may repeat for additional contributors.
<published> Ignored The date this blog was published, as defined in the Atom specification.
<updated> Ignored The date this blog was updated, as defined in the Atom specification.
<snx:handle> Required A one-word keyword for the blog to be used in the web address of the blog.

Note: This value must be unique across all of the blogs hosted by the Blogs server.

<snx:timezone> Optional The time zone for this blog. See Table 3 for a list of possible time zones.

Table 2. The <contributor> element

Element How treated on input Description
<email> Optional Must contain the email address of the person contributing to the blog. If IBM Connections is configured to prevent email addresses from being displayed, then this element is not supported. Use the <snx:userid> element instead. Otherwise, it can be used.
<snx:userid> Required The user ID of the contributor.
<snx:limited> Optional If present, and if this element contains "yes", then the contributor is only allowed to author draft entries.
<snx:userStatus> Optional Identifies whether the person is an active or inactive user.

Table 3. Time zones

Time zone Description
Africa/Cairo Africa/Cairo - Eastern European Time
Africa/Casablanca Africa/Casablanca - Western European Time
Africa/Johannesburg Africa/Johannesburg - South Africa Standard Time
Africa/Lagos Africa/Lagos - Western African Time
Africa/Nairobi Africa/Nairobi - Eastern African Time
America/Anchorage America/Anchorage - Alaska Standard Time
America/Bogota America/Bogota - Colombia Time
America/Buenos_Aires America/Buenos_Aires - Argentine Time
America/Caracas America/Caracas - Venezuela Time
America/Chicago America/Chicago - Central Standard Time
America/Chihuahua America/Chihuahua - Mountain Standard Time
America/Denver America/Denver - Mountain Standard Time
America/Godthab America/Godthab - Western Greenland Time
America/Halifax America/Halifax - Atlantic Standard Time
America/Indianapolis America/Indianapolis - Eastern Standard Time
America/Los_Angeles America/Los_Angeles - Pacific Standard Time
America/Managua America/Managua - Central Standard Time
America/Mexico_City America/Mexico_City - Central Standard Time
America/New_York America/New_York - Eastern Standard Time
America/Noronha America/Noronha - Fernando de Noronha Time
America/Phoenix America/Phoenix - Mountain Standard Time
America/Regina America/Regina - Central Standard Time
America/Santiago America/Santiago - Chile Time
America/Sao_Paulo America/Sao_Paulo - Brasilia Time
America/St_Johns America/St_Johns - Newfoundland Standard Time
Asia/Baghdad Asia/Baghdad - Arabia Standard Time
Asia/Bangkok Asia/Bangkok - Indochina Time
Asia/Calcutta Asia/Calcutta - India Standard Time
Asia/Colombo Asia/Colombo - Sri Lanka Time
Asia/Dhaka Asia/Dhaka - Bangladesh Time
Asia/Irkutsk Asia/Irkutsk - Irkutsk Time
Asia/Jerusalem Asia/Jerusalem - Israel Standard Time
Asia/Kabul Asia/Kabul - Afghanistan Time
Asia/Karachi Asia/Karachi - Pakistan Time
Asia/Katmandu Asia/Katmandu - Nepal Time
Asia/Krasnoyarsk Asia/Krasnoyarsk - Krasnoyarsk Time
Asia/Magadan Asia/Magadan - Magadan Time
Asia/Muscat Asia/Muscat - Gulf Standard Time
Asia/Novosibirsk Asia/Novosibirsk - Novosibirsk Time
Asia/Rangoon Asia/Rangoon - Myanmar Time
Asia/Riyadh Asia/Riyadh - Arabia Standard Time
Asia/Seoul Asia/Seoul - Korea Standard Time
Asia/Shanghai Asia/Shanghai - China Standard Time
Asia/Singapore Asia/Singapore - Singapore Time
Asia/Taipei Asia/Taipei - China Standard Time
Asia/Tbilisi Asia/Tbilisi - Georgia Time
Asia/Tehran Asia/Tehran - Iran Standard Time
Asia/Tokyo Asia/Tokyo - Japan Standard Time
Asia/Vladivostok Asia/Vladivostok - Vladivostok Time
Asia/Yakutsk Asia/Yakutsk - Yakutsk Time
Asia/Yekaterinburg Asia/Yekaterinburg - Yekaterinburg Time
Atlantic/Azores Atlantic/Azores - Azores Time
Atlantic/Cape_Verde Atlantic/Cape_Verde - Cape Verde Time
Australia/Adelaide Australia/Adelaide - Central Standard Time (South Australia)
Australia/Brisbane Australia/Brisbane - Eastern Standard Time (Queensland)
Australia/Darwin Australia/Darwin - Central Standard Time (Northern Territory)
Australia/Hobart Australia/Hobart - Eastern Standard Time (Tasmania)
Australia/Perth Australia/Perth - Western Standard Time (Australia)
Australia/Sydney Australia/Sydney - Eastern Standard Time (New South Wales)
Etc/GMT+12 Etc/GMT+12
Europe/Belgrade Europe/Belgrade - Central European Time
Europe/Berlin Europe/Berlin - Central European Time
Europe/Bucharest Europe/Bucharest - Eastern European Time
Europe/Helsinki Europe/Helsinki - Eastern European Time
Europe/Istanbul Europe/Istanbul - Eastern European Time
Europe/London Europe/London - Greenwich Mean Time
Europe/Moscow Europe/Moscow - Moscow Standard Time
Europe/Paris Europe/Paris - Central European Time
Europe/Sarajevo Europe/Sarajevo - Central European Time
Pacific/Apia Pacific/Apia - West Samoa Time
Pacific/Auckland Pacific/Auckland - New Zealand Standard Time
Pacific/Fiji Pacific/Fiji - Fiji Time
Pacific/Guam Pacific/Guam - Chamorro Standard Time
Pacific/Honolulu Pacific/Honolulu - Hawaii Standard Time
Pacific/Tongatapu Pacific/Tongatapu - Tonga Time

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