Backing up the Search index manually 

The Search index can be backed up and used to restore the index in the event of loss or corruption.


To back up the Search index manually...

  1. First, ensure that an indexing process in not currently in progress by verifying that the index directory does not contain a temporary file starting with the name CRAWLING_VERSION. If a file exists, an index is currently in progress and is not in a stable state.

  2. Disable any regular indexing tasks that you have configured.

    1. To list the indexing tasks, enter the following command:


    2. To disable a task, enter the following command:

        SearchService.disableIndexingTask(String taskName)

        For example:


        There is only one indexing task by default.

  3. Copy the entire index directory and its subdirectories to a secure backup location.

  4. Optional: When backing up the Search index, consider performing a full backup of the HOMEPAGE database.

      Note that the Search index has a dependency on data in the HOMEPAGE database.

  5. Re-enable your indexing task or tasks using the SearchService.enableIndexingTask command.

      For example:


      The next indexing task to run resumes indexing at the point at which the restored index was last successfully indexed.

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Backing up the Search index

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