Add widgets to your Home page 

Add widgets to the Updates and Widgets tabs so that you can view updates from IBM Connections and other sources, and bring extra functionality to the Home page.

Before you begin

To add an IBM Connections widget to the Updates tab or Widgets tab, your organization must have a subscription to the corresponding IBM Connections application. You can also add vendor-acquired widgets if your administrator has enabled use of them. The content palette lists all of the widgets that the administrator has made available for your deployment.

About this task

The first time you use the Updates and Widgets tabs, a number of default widgets display. You can extend the information displayed in each tab by adding extra widgets from the content palette. For example, if you are an active blogger and are interested in seeing what other bloggers in your organization are talking about, you might want to add the Blogs widget. Or, if you want to keep track of what the people in your network are doing, you might want to add the My Network widget.

You can add widgets to any of the columns on the Widgets tab. However, you can only add widgets to the side column on the Updates tab. Your widget preferences are automatically saved by the system so that when you next open the Home page, the widget display is the same as when you last used the page.

Note: Your preferences are not saved if you remove all the widgets from a page. When you remove all the widgets, the page is automatically reset to display the default set of widgets the next time that you return.


To add a widget, perform the following steps.

  1. Click Customize to open the content palette.

  2. Select a widget type from the menu bar, and then click a widget to add it.

  3. Optional: Click Close palette to close the content palette.

      Home page widgets
      The widgets in the Home page widget catalog can help you stay up-to-date with events in the different applications.

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