Add terms and conditions to media galleries 

Make users agree to terms and conditions when they upload new photos or videos to media galleries. This is optional.


To add a terms and conditions agreement to the media gallery widget...

  1. Create a string bundle, for example See Add custom strings for widgets and other specified scenarios.

  2. Create a new string properties file, for example It must contain a key-value pair with the string that you want to use in your terms and conditions agreement. For example:

      tc=These are the terms and conditions  agree to before uploading a photo or video file.

      Note: If you want tc for different languages, create _<lang>.properties files instead. For example, for a Spanish string create The agreement will only be available to browsers set for Spanish.

  3. Register new resource bundle in LotusConnections-config.xml:

    1. Check out LotusConnections-config.xml and open in editor.

    2. Add the following line of code into the <resources> element block to register the resource bundle:

        <widgetBundle prefix="tc" name=""/>

  4. Add the following items to media gallery widget definition in widgets-config.xml:

      <item name="tc_bundle" value="tc" />
      <item name="tc_key" value="" />
      <item name="tc_checkbox" value="false" />


      • The value attribute of the tc_bundle item must be the prefix that you used for the resource bundle in LotusConnections-config.xml. In this case, the prefix is "tc".

      • The value attribute of the tc_key item is the key used in the properties file you create in <customize_dir>/strings, for example if your key was tc= then type tc.

      • The value attribute of the tc_checkbox item can be true or false. If true, users must check a box in the agreement before they can access the media gallery.

      See Use the widgets-config.xml file for Communities.

  5. Restart the IBM Connections server.

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