Add sections 

Sections are containers for sets of activity entries. Add sections to an activity to give its outline a hierarchical structure.

About this task

To add a section to an activity...


  1. Open the activity to which you want to add the section.

  2. Click Add Section.

  3. Add a section title to the Section field, and then click Save.

      You have created a new section, and can now add entries to it.

  4. To add an entry, do one of the following:

    • To add a standard entry to the section, click Entry.

    • To add a to-do item to the section, click To Do Item.

    • To add an entry that is based on an entry template, click More, and then select the entry type that you want to add.

        Note: The More option is not displayed if there have been no custom entry templates created in this activity.

    • To move an existing entry to the section, drag the entry into the section.

      Moving and renaming sections
      After creating a section, you can move it up or down in the view to better organize the activity. You can also rename the section.

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