Add profile types 

Profile types can be used to configure the layout of the main Profiles page and the layout of the widgets used in Profiles.

IBM Connections supports multiple attribute layouts based on different profile types. In addition to different attribute layouts, custom extension attributes are also supported for every profile type.

Because all profiles share one schema, an extension attribute, such as customers, has the same semantic meaning for all profile types. However, you can choose to associate a particular attribute with a profile based on profile type. The user interface configuration, including display characteristics and whether an attribute can be edited, is also configurable for custom extension attributes based on profile type.

The following applications can be associated with a profile type:

To enable multiple profile types, add the following line to the IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator file before population or synchronization:

profileType=<LDAP field or function>

If you do not add this line to the file, the default profile type is used.

For more information about mapping LDAP properties, see the Mapping fields manually topic.

When configuring profile types for the layout of Profiles, you make the configuration changes in the profiles-config.xml file. To add profile types for widget layout, you make the configuration changes in the widgets-config.xml file.

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