Add or inserting bookmarks from a Word document 

Add a bookmark from a Microsoft™ Word document to IBM Connections Bookmarks, or insert an IBM Connections bookmark into a Word document.

Before you begin

You must have IBM Connections Bookmarks configured to use this feature.

About this task

This feature allows you to share a bookmark with IBM Connections users, or to access public bookmarks or bookmarks that you created and insert them in a document.


  1. To add a bookmark to your collection or share it with other Connections members, open a Word document, select a URL you want to bookmark, click Connections above the editing area (Office 2003) or on the Connections ribbon (Office 2007 and Office 2010) and select Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark.

      Complete the following fields:

      • Add a title for the bookmark.

      • Add an optional description.

      • Select whether to create the bookmark as a public bookmark that everyone can access, as a private bookmark that only you can access, or add the bookmark to another IBM Connections application.

  2. To insert a bookmark from IBM Connections into a Word document, insert the cursor where you want the bookmark to display and select Bookmarks -> Insert Bookmark, and then do the following steps:

    1. Select a view, such as My Bookmarks or Public Bookmarks, or use the Find field to filter the list of bookmarks.

    2. Select a bookmark. You can edit the title if you want.

    3. Click OK to insert the bookmark.

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