Add labels to media gallery fields 

After creating fields for your custom media gallery object types, create labels for each field.

About this task

This procedure describes the basic steps for adding property labels to the IBM Connections interface in English. For details on adding and editing IBM Connections labels, including editing in languages other than English, see Customize product strings.


  1. On the IBM Connections server, open the Files.ear/ file, and then copy the file.

  2. Paste the file into the <customization_dir>/strings directory. The default location on Windows™ is:


  3. Add new property labels as key-value pairs.

  4. Restart the Files application.

  5. Clear your browser cache and check the results.

  6. To force the web browsers of all IBM Connections users to refresh all cached content and display your changes, see Step 6 in Customize product strings.

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Create custom media gallery object types

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