Add applications to the SSL trust store 

If you have enabled SSL and Common directory services for Profiles or Communities, add that application to the SSL trust store.

Before you begin

If the applications are not added to the SSL trust store, you might experience application exceptions.

About this task

To add an application to the SSL trust store...


  1. Start WAS and log in to the WAS admin console.

  2. Click Security -> SSL certificate and key management -> Key stores and certificates -> NodeDefaultTrustStore -> Signer certificates.

  3. Click Retrieve from port.

  4. Type your host name in the Host field. For example:

  5. Type the port number in the Port field. The default for HTTPS is 443.

  6. Type an Alias that is easy to remember.

  7. Click Retrieve signer information, and then click OK.

  8. Save your changes.

  9. Repeat this task for each server instance.

  10. Restart WAS.

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