Add a photo to a profile 

To add a photo to a profile, send an Atom entry document containing a reference to the image file to the user's Profile.

You can only add a photo to a profile if you are the profile owner or an administrator. See Authenticating requests for information about how to authenticate the request.

To add a photo to a profile...

  1. Get the service document for the person's profile. See Retrieve the Profiles service document.

  2. Get the URI of the profiles feed which is specified in the href attribute of the collection element in the service document and use it to get the profiles feed for the person.

  3. Find the <link rel="" .../> element returned in the feed. For example:

           type="image" /> 

  4. Send a PUT request to the web address specified in the href attribute.

      Note: Be sure to make the image file available to the application. For example, if you are writing a Java™ application, you might use a method that extends the EntityEnclosingMethod class to reference the file. Or, you might make the file available by adding it to a file system location that is HTTP addressable.

Table 1. Atom API request details

Method Resource URI Input representation
PUT Image file Value of the href attribute of the <link rel="" .../> element in the user's profiles feed. "image/jpeg", "image/pjpeg", or "image/gif"


Provide the following items in the HTTP request:



Returned HTTP headers

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

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