Add a file or set of files to a folder 

Add a file or files to a folder programmatically.

You cannot add a file from your local directory to a folder; the file must already have been uploaded to the Files application. To add a file to a folder be an editor of the folder.

See Authenticating requests for information about how to authenticate the request.

Table 1. Atom API request details

Method Resource address Input representation Description
POST /basic/api/collection/{collection-id}/feed None required. Entry for a feed or file ids are optional. Adds a file or files that already exist in your library to the folder specified by the collection ID.

Note: {collection-id} is the value of the <td:uuid> element in the Atom document of the folder to which you would like to add the files.

You can provide the following input parameter.

Table 2. Input parameter

Parameter Description

Note: Required if no input is provided with the request.

String. Unique ID of the file that you want to add to the folder. You can find this value in the <td:uuid> element in the file's Atom document. You can specify this parameter more than once; separate each instance with an ampersand (&).


Provide one of the following input types:



Returned HTTP headers

HTTP/1.1 201 Created

Error codes

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