Add a chat to a community 

Save a chat as a text file that gets posted to an existing community. This feature is only available for the stand-alone Sametime client; it is not available in the Sametime client embedded in Notes .

Before you begin

Your Sametime client must be enabled to save chats or the Add Chat to Community Forum icon will not be displayed in the action bar of the chat window. If you do not see the icon, contact your administrator.

About this task

If you are engaged in a chat that you would like to preserve and make available to others, you can save it to a community.


  1. From the chat window, click the Add Chat to Community Forum icon.

  2. Optional: Edit the title of the chat entry by editing the Name field.

      The entry is named "Chat: " followed by the names of the chat participants by default.

  3. Choose one of the communities listed, and then click OK.

What to do next

You can open the community to view the chat file.

Parent topic

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