Add a bookmark to an activity 

Use the bookmark control provided by IBM Connections to add an Add Bookmark button to your web browser. After the button is added to your browser, when you find a web page that you want to add to an activity, you can click the button to add it as a bookmark to an existing activity.

Before you begin

Before adding a bookmark to an activity using the button, add the bookmark control to your browser. To do so...

  1. Under Tools in the IBM Connections footer, click How to Bookmark.

  2. Follow the instructions on the page to add the Add Bookmark button to the toolbar of your web browser.

About this task

To add a bookmark from a web page...


  1. From the web page that you want to add as a bookmark to an activity, click the Add Bookmark button.

  2. Edit the Title and Description fields to reflect the content of the bookmark.

  3. In the Tags field, type a tag term. Separate multiple tags with commas.

      A tag is a single-word label or keyword that you associate with the bookmark to help you identify it and find it later.

  4. To specify the activity to which to add the bookmark, click the Add to Activities tab, and then select the activity from the list displayed in the Activity field.

  5. Optional: If you want to hide the bookmark from the other activity members, select Private.

  6. Optional: If you want to add an additional description for the bookmark, add it in the Additional description field.

  7. Click Save to add the bookmark to the activity.

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