Add Sametime awareness through the Sametime server 

If you have a Sametime Proxy server configured in your enterprise and have the Profiles application deployed, you can enable presence awareness and simple chats in IBM Connections.

Before you begin

Note: This is an optional configuration.

You must have the following software enabled to be able to add presence awareness to IBM Connections:

Attention: If you enable awareness using this method, then you cannot set up single sign-on with Tivoli Access Manager, Computer Associates' SiteMinder, nor Windows™ desktop.

Complete the following procedures before attempting to enable awareness.

About this task

When you enable presence awareness using the Sametime Proxy server, a person's online status is indicated by a set of icons and an associated status message that is available from the person's profile and business card. Presence awareness tells you whether the person is available to chat, busy in a meeting, or away from their computer. In addition to seeing a person's availability, you can carry on a chat with that person even when no Sametime client is installed.

SSL support: If you have configured the product to send traffic over SSL, presence awareness can be retrieved over SSL. For more information about enabling SSL for Sametime, refer to the documentation provided with the Sametime SDK, which is available from the following web site:

Note: After downloading the toolkit, the documentation can be found in the <sdk>/client/connectWebApi/doc/ConnectWebApiDevguide.pdf directory.


  1. Start the wsadmin client from the following directory of the system on which you installed the deployment manager:


      Note: You must start the client from this directory or subsequent commands that you try to run will not execute properly. See Starting the wsadmin client for more details.

  2. Use the wsadmin client to access and check out the IBM Connections extension configuration files.

    1. Enter the following command to access the IBM Connections configuration file: execfile("")

        If prompted to specify a service to connect to, type 1 to pick the first node in the list. Most commands can run on any node. If the command writes or reads information to or from a file using a local file path, pick the node where the file is stored. This information is not used by the wsadmin client when you are making configuration changes.

    2. Check out the user interface extensions configuration files:



        • <working_directory> is the temporary working directory to which the configuration XML and XSD files are copied and are stored while you make changes to them. Use forward slashes to separate directories in the file path, even if you are using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

            AIX and Linux only: The directory must grant write permissions or the command does not run successfully.

        • <cell_name> is the name of the WAS cell hosting the IBM Connections application. This argument is case-sensitive, so type it with care. To obtain the cell name:print AdminControl.getCell()

        For example:

        • AIX or Linux:LCConfigService.checkOutUIextensionsConfig("/opt/temp","foo01Cell01")

        • Microsoft Windows:LCConfigService.checkOutUIextensionsConfig("c:/temp","foo01Cell01")

  3. From the directory you specified as the working directory in the previous step, open the uiextensions-config.xml file in a text editor, and then find the extensions with the names global.pageRendering and lc.IMAwareness. Set the enabled attributes for both extensions to true. For example:

      name="global.pageRendering" jsCallback="lconn.profiles.sametime.sametimeProxyInit" invokeDelay="2000" enabled="true" /> <extension name="lc.IMAwareness" jsCallback="lconn.profiles.sametime.sametimeProxyAddLiveName" invokeDelay="4000" enabled="true" id="stProxy"> <params> <param name="disableXDomain" value="true" /> <param name="isConnectClient" value="true" /> <param name="lconnProxySvcUrl" value="admin_replace"/> <param name="lconnProxySvcUrlSSL" value="admin_replace"/> </params> </extension>

  4. Determine the web addresses for the HTTP and HTTPS protocols of the Edge proxy server configured in your environment. Update the lconnProxySvcUrl parameter with the http web address and the lconnProxySvcUrlSSL parameter with the https web address. For example:

      name="lc.IMAwareness" jsCallback="lconn.profiles.sametime.sametimeProxyAddLiveName" invokeDelay="4000" enabled="true" id="stProxy"> <params> <param name="disableXDomain" value="true" /> <param name="isConnectClient" value="true" /> <param name="lconnProxySvcUrl" value=""/> <param name="lconnProxySvcUrlSSL" value=""/> </params> </extension>

      Do not edit the disableXDomain parameter value. When the isConnectClient parameter is set to true, the product can use the native Sametime client when a chat is started.

  5. Save and close the uiextensions-config.xml file.

  6. Update the value of the version stamp configuration property to force users' browsers to pick up this change. See Required post-customization step for more details.

  7. To check in the changed configuration files, use the following command:


  8. After making updates, type the following command to deploy the changes:


  9. To exit the wsadmin client, type exit at the prompt.

  10. Stop and restart all of the IBM Connections application servers.

  11. Confirm that this procedure worked by accessing one of the IBM Connections applications, and then opening a person's business card. It may take a few seconds for the person's presence information to display the first time. If you can start a chat with the person, then enabling awareness through the proxy server was successfully completed.

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August 18, 2011 11:35:57 AM


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Re: Adding Sametime awareness through the Sametime server

8.5.2 will not work ! Tried it myself and after a downgrade to 8.5.1 it started working :-)

Submitted by Roberto Carlos on Jan 10, 2012 11:07:47 AM

Re: Adding Sametime awareness through the Sametime server

Will this also work with Sametime Proxy 8.5.2?

Submitted by Herwig Schauer on Oct 18, 2011 9:34:04 AM

Re: Adding Sametime awareness through the Sametime server

Regarding my last comment: Meantime I verified, that this is indeed necessary as mentioned.

I assumed to need to establish SSO between Connections and Proxy not Connections and Community Server.

Submitted by Herwig Schauer on Oct 18, 2011 8:25:29 AM

Re: Adding Sametime awareness through the Sametime server

Why is "Enable single sign-on between the Domino environment and the IBM Connections server" required for Sametime awareness to work as we only communicate through the Sametime Proxy with Community Server ?

Furthermore: What is "the Domino environment" ? The Community Server Environment ? SSO should only be necessary here if you want to SSO with Classic Web Meeting ?

Or am I missing something ?

Submitted by Ofer Haimovich on Jun 10, 2011 12:43:42 PM

Re: Adding Sametime awareness through the Sametime server: ic301

Will work with Sametime Proxy 8.5.1 + HF WHOS-8GYM38