Activities API 

The Activities application of IBM Connections enables a team to collect, organize, share, and reuse work related to a project goal. The Activities API allows application programs to create new activities, and to read and modify existing activities.

Activities implements the following APIs:



Note: The activity nodes that define bookmark, file, and comment entries changed between version 1.0.x and version 2.0. These entries are no longer represented by separate node types; they are all represented by a single node type called entry. They are differentiated from one another by their field type. This change reflects the fact that you can add multiple files and multiple bookmarks to a single entry. You can still retrieve entries that were created using these 1.0.x node types with the 2.0 APIs, but you cannot create or update such entries. If you created activities in a 1.0.x version of IBM Connections that have entries of these types and have not updated the entries either through the user interface or the APIs since migrating the server to 2.0, the entries will continue to work as they did in the 1.0.x version of IBM Connections. However, as soon as you modify any entries of these node types, you can no longer edit them using the old API. This section describes how the new APIs work. You can find information about how the APIs worked in version 1.0.x at the following external web site:

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