Accessibility features for IBM Connections 

Describes the accessibility features for IBM Connections

The major accessibility features in this product enable users to do the following tasks:

Note: The accessibility of IBM Connections is optimized when using a Microsoft™ Windows™ XP client, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later, FireFox 3.6 or later, and JAWS 12 or later.

In addition, the documentation was modified to include the following features to aid accessibility:

IBM Connections user interface

This product uses standard Windows navigation keys. Refer to the Product accessibility topic in the Using section of this product documentation for information about any unique keys that are used by the individual applications.

To display the business card, hover over a person's name, and then press CNTL + Enter. The business card opens and focus is set to the first element in the business card.

For JAWS users: To activate buttons in the user interface, press the Enter key, even when JAWS announces to use the space bar.

For administrators installing the product

For optimal accessibility when installing IBM Connections, follow the instructions to install the product in console mode. See Accessibility applications for installing IBM Connections for more details.

IBM and accessibility

See the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center for more information about the commitment that IBM has to accessibility:

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