IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Enable and customize data collection for all custom MBeans

You may enable data collection for all custom MBeans and customize the way they are identified to the user.

To enable it, the Toolkit properties file and set...

In effect only if the custom MBeans property is commented out in the Toolkit properties file, as shown in the following example:

Check that the am.camtoolkit.jmxe.custom property is also not present in the Toolkit global properties file.

The following properties provide additional options for display of the MBean data:

The properties and their definitions are:


Set to y to enable data collection for all MBeans. If it is set to n, data collection for all MBeans is disabled. If the custom MBeans property (am.camtoolkit.jmxe.custom) is set, am.getallmbeans has no effect.


The Visualization Engine presents data on monitored MBeans by organizing them into categories. The category name is formed from the Domain and type keywords in the MBeans Object Name If the type keyword does not exist, the name keyword is used to create the category.

If the name keyword does not exist, then the object name is used as the category. If this default behavior does not provide enough granularity to distiguish MBean categories, you can use the am.jmxkeyword property to define more keywords to be included in the category name.

For example, if you specify am.jmxkeyword=identifier, then the value of the identifier keyword from the object name is included in the category name, in addition to value of the type keyword. More than one keyword can be specified in the property. The keywords must be separated by a comma (,).


If see all of the keywords from the object name in the category, set...


This setting will result in including all keyword values for the category name, separated by an underscore (_) character.


In some cases, especially if am.jmxusecanonical=y, the category name can be quite long. By default, the data collector will truncate the category name to the length specified by the am.jmxlength property, or to 30 characters if the am.jmxlength property is not specified. If you do not want the category name to be truncated, specify the am.jmxtruncate=n property.


Maximum length of the category name. Default 30. Ignored if am.jmxtruncate=n.

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