IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Configure ITCAM for Applications Diagnostics data collectors

  1. Properties files
  2. Tune performance and monitoring scope
  3. Enable instrumentation of web services as new request types
  4. Enable memory monitoring
  5. Configure after changing application server version
  6. Configure before IP address change
  7. Move data collector to a different host computer
  8. Install Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java with IBM Support Assistant
  9. Configure a data collector for multiple network interfaces
  10. Customize RMI garbage collection interval
  11. Customize CICS transaction correlation
  12. Modify the garbage collection log path
  13. Suppress verbose garbage collection output in a Sun JDK
  14. What to do when deleting an application server profile
  15. Integrate with ITCAM for Transactions
  16. Override autoconfiguration
  17. Communicate with a Deployment Manager

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Agent for WebSphere Applications Installation Guide