IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Verifying secure communications

To verify SSL is properly configured, look for the message labeled CYND4051I in one of the following files:

Location of the CYND4051I message

Windows C:\IBM\tivoli\common\CYN\logs\node_name.server_name\java_msg_log_file. For example:


UNIX and Linux /var/ibm/tivoli/common/CYN/logs/node_name.server_name/java_msg_log_file. For example:




IBM i /QIBM/UserData/tivoli/common/CYN/logs/node_name.server_name/java_msg_log_file. For example:


That message includes the text Join Proxy Server and Kernel successfully.

Only the CommandAgent port uses SSL. Other ports opened by the data collector (the ProbeController port and the data collector - Publish Server port do not use SSL. Therefore, when SSL is enabled, only the data on the channels connected to the CommandAgent port is encrypted.

All the data processed on the CommandAgent channel is encrypted when SSL is enabled. The data can be classified as follows:

Classification of the data processed on the CommandAgent channel

Classification Data
Command and control data Configure and unconfiguring the data collector
User actions related to threads

  • Start and stop JVM threads

  • Change thread priorities

  • Get thread priorities and thread status

  • Requesting drill down information to see cookies, etc ...

  • Generating thread dumps

  • Get thread stack traces

System information

  • information

  • Operating system platform information

  • JVM information

Application information

  • All the applications installed on the monitored

  • Application binaries and location information

  • Thread pool information related to JMS, JCA, JTA, Servlet, EJB, etc ...

  • Data source information

Performance data All Performance Monitoring Infrastructure data
Transport data

  • ORB data

  • SOAP ports

Memory Information

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