IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Password encryption

To encrypt a password:

  1. Enter: -encrypt password

    The password is written to stdout.

  2. Copy this encrypted password and place it in the appropriate config files.

    Currently password encryption is supported only for the following property values on both the Managing Server and data collectors:

    • KEYSTR_PASS and KEYSTR_KEYPASS in MS_home/bin/

    • JDBC_PASSWORD in MS_home/bin/ See ITCAM Managing Server Installation and Customization Guide for full instructions for changing the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) user ID and password for the database Schema user.

    • keystore.storepass, keystore.keypass using the same method mentioned in the Step 2.

    • keystore.storepass and keystore.keypass in DC_home/runtime/app_server_version.node_name.server_name/custom/ file.

  3. Restart the Managing Server to activate the password encryption changes:

    1. If it is not already stopped, stop the Managing Server.

    2. Start the Managing Server.

  4. Restart the VE application server.

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