IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Sets for the data collector if Java 2 security is enabled

By default, data collector configuration enables Java 2 security on the application server, and sets a permissive policy. This policy ensures that the data collector can run properly, and provides no other security protection. If you need a more restrictive policy to ensure that the policy becomes active and the data collector can still work properly.

The data collector sets the Java security policy file location for all monitored application server instances ( system property) to DC_home/itcamdc/etc/datacollector.policy. You must edit this file in the following way:

Save the file, and create a backup copy.

Each time you configure or reconfigure the data collector for an application server instance, the file DC_home/itcamdc/etc/datacollector.policy might be overwritten. To ensure your security policy remains active, restore this file from the backup copy after configuring or reconfiguring the data collector for any application server instance.

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