IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Specify exclusions with the bang (!) operator (Quality of Service listening policies only)

This section applies to the entry of URI and client IP filters for Quality of Service listening policies only.

You can use an exclamation point (!), also called the bang operator, to filter out transactions that might match the regular expressions already entered, but that are not to be considered valid transactions for this listening policy. These exclusions are considered negative filters. You can enter these exclusions as additional URI or client IP filters. The formatting of these additional filters is as follows:

URI Filter Exclusions

Use only fixed strings. For example, you can use the following strings:


Client IP Exclusions

The following are valid:


You can replace any "octet" (there are four in an IP address: octet . octet . octet . octet) with a wildcard (*). Note that this is not the regular expression wildcard (.*) from the positive filters.

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