IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Silent configuration - ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications - WAS agent

You can use the configuration utility in silent mode to perform all configuration tasks for ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications.

First prepare a response file in one of two ways:

Run the Configuration utility in silent mode

After preparing the response file for a configuration task, run the configuration utility, specifying the path and name for the response file. Perform the following procedure:

  1. Invoke the configuration utility. Specify the parameters in the exact order shown:

      cd ITM_home/bin
      itmcmd -A -p response_file_name yn

    ...where response_file_name is the name of the response file you have prepared (with full path). For example:

      itmcmd -A -p /tmp/silent.txt yn

Modify sample response files for configuration tasks

For each of the configuration tasks for ITCAM Agent for WebSphere Applications, a sample response file is available in...

Make a copy of the file and edit it as required, using the information provided in the comments within the file.

Configuring monitoring agent connections to the monitoring server, and data collector connections to the monitoring agent, are performed with one response file. Perform this configuration task before configuring the data collector to monitor any application server instances.

Do not perform this task if Tivoli Monitoring is not used (in a deep dive diagnostics only installation). The sample file name is ynv_silent_config_wasdc.txt.

Configure the data collector to monitor an application server instance ynv_silent_config_wasdc.txt
Unconfigure the data collector from an application server instance ynv_silent_unconfig_wasdc.txt
Configure the data collector communication with the Managing Server ynv_silent_config_ms.txt
Upgrade an application server instance from an older version of the data collector ynv_silent_upgrade_wasdc.txt
Change the data collector maintenance level for monitoring an application server instance ynv_silent_reconfig_wasdc.txt
Remove unused data collector maintenance levels ynv_silent_remove_unused_wasdc.txt

The response file is a text file, containing parameter names and values in the format parameter=value, for example:

Comment lines begin with a number sign (#). Blank lines are ignored.

Any \ character must be escaped as \\, : as \:, and spaces must be prefixed with \, for example:

In the file sections marked as "repeatable", parameters are specific to a profile path or an application server instance name. For these parameters, use the path or name as a key, in the format parameter.key=value.

For example:

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