IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Step 5: Enter the IBM Tivoli Monitoring encryption key - Install ITCAM for Application Diagnostic binaries - WAS agent

You might be prompted for the 32-character encryption key used to secure password transmission and other sensitive data across your IBM Tivoli Monitoring environment:

Enter a 32-character encryption key, or just press Enter to use the default
        Default = IBMTivoliMonitoringEncryptionKey

See IBM Tivoli Monitoring: Installation and Setup Guide for details about the encryption key. This prompt is not displayed when the key is already set in this installation of Tivoli Monitoring, for example, during an upgrade installation.

Supply the 32-character key, or accept the default. The key information is displayed:

GSkit encryption key has been set.
Key File directory: /opt/IBM/ITM/keyfiles

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