IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

User Scenarios

Scenario 1: Investigating poor response time claims

Customers have been complaining about poor performance on Application A. As a performance analyst, you go into ITCAM for Application Diagnostics and draw up a response Trend Report for Application A for the last week to verify the customers' claims. Once you are able to see that there indeed are instances of poor response time, you decompose the problematic period to see how different requests impact the response time. Drill down to a method trace of an actual instance of a slow transaction, and e-mail this Trace Report to the developers so they can determine why the transaction was slow.

Scenario 2: Predicting how your servers will handle a new workload

Marketing is going to launch a new campaign to bring more visitors to your site. Your manager wants to make sure that there is enough capacity to handle the projected workload without degrading response times. As a capacity planner, project how well your current servers will perform under the new workload. You create a Capacity Analysis report to compare throughput versus response time. You can use the trend line to estimate at what throughput the response time will be unacceptable.

Parent topic:

Performance analysis and reporting