IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

User Scenario

Scenario 1: Debugging complex applications

You are monitoring application A, which has a J2EE component on server S and a preexisting CRM back end. The Java component of application A frequently exhibits idle times of several seconds, even when there is not much load on server S. You do not wish to run at L3, but you want to see in what methods the Java application is waiting. You set an Application Trap for Wait Time with a Threshold of 2,000 ms, by Request for application A, choose the Stack Trace Data Action and apply this trap to server S. The next time a request for application A takes longer than two seconds, the system will take a stack trace of server S. Look in the Trap Action History to obtain the stack trace, to determine where application A is waiting.

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Trap and alert management