IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

User Scenarios

Scenario 1: Investigating an unresponsive system

Your first line of support receives calls that some parts of the system are not responding. The support team goes to the Server Statistics Overview page and immediately sees that one server displays the red icon representing the “unavailable” status. The support team determines the unavailable server needs to be restarted, which will return the system to full functionality.

Scenario 2: Monitoring proactively

As the administrator of production systems, you have set appropriate thresholds for the fields displayed on the Server Statistics Overview page. During your regular monitoring you see that the Paging Rate threshold is being crossed. You know that the increase in paging rate probably means an increase in overhead. You can now increase memory, add servers, or take some similar course of action to keep production running smoothly.

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Server Statistics Overview