IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Server Statistics Overview

The Server Statistics Overview page shows a configurable set of application server level statistics. You can show the statistics for several servers on one page, and access other pages to view additional details for any server.

To view the Server Statistics Overview page, from the top navigation, click...

To view statistics for an application server, select the server group and server name from the Server Selection pull down controls, and click the Add Server(s) button. You can add more than one server; every server will be represented by a line in the table. You can also select All Servers in the server name control to view information for all servers in a server group.

To remove a server from the page, click the X icon next to the server name.

For servers running the z/OS platform, when you remove a server instance from the Server Statistics Overview page, the system removes all the server regions belonging to that server instance from the display since the system treats them as a group of clones.

To remove all servers from the page, click Clear All at the bottom of the list.

For every server, the table shows the configured statistics.

The statistics are refreshed periodically. To pause refreshing, click the Pause button. To resume refreshing (if it was paused) and force an immediate refresh, click the Refresh button.

To configure the statistics in the table, click Customize....

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