IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Server groups

The Server Groups page shows a table of all server groups. From this page, you can create, modify, and delete server groups.

Groups are a set of application servers which have similar functionality. All configured data collectors are in the Unassigned Servers Group. The relationship between Server Group and data collector is many to many. A data collector can belong to one or more server groups. A server group can have one or more data collectors. You can add data collectors to groups using the Server Management functionality in the Managing Server Visualization Engine. For more information about adding data collectors to Server Groups, refer to the Composite Application Manager Help in the Managing Server Visualization Engine interface.

To view the Server Groups page, from the top navigation, click...

Server groups are used for convenient grouping of information in the Managing Server Visualization Engine. Every group includes one or several servers. In a number of Managing Server Visualization Engine pages, you can view information by server group. Each user can be granted access to information for some server groups but not others. A server can be a member of several groups.

When you access pages from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal, the information in the Groups and Servers fields is automatically populated with the group and data collector associated with the link and workspace you selected in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal.

For every server group, the table shows the group name, description, and a Delete button.

To modify a server group (including list of member servers and access rights for users), click the group name.

To delete a server group, click the Delete button in its row.

To create a server group with default settings, no member servers and no user access rights, in the left navigation pane, click Create Group.

To create a server group with settings, member servers and user access rights copied from another server group, in the left navigation pane, click Duplicate Group.

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