IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Runtime Environment Check

The Runtime Environment Check page provides runtime environment details for the selected server, including host computer, JVM and application server information.

To access the Installed Binary Check page, from the top navigation, click...

Select the server group name in the Group list box, and the server name in the Server list box in the left pane.

If you have a WebSphere Stack Product, such as WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, etc., which runs on an WAS, the name of the application server is displayed when you Run the Runtime Environment Check.

After configuring data source with the administration web application provided by Tomcat, the MBean from MBeanServer cannot be retrieved. As the result, the JDBC Connection Pools column will always be 0 on the page Runtime Environment Check. This is a Tomcat 5.0 bug (latest version Tomcat 5.0.28) and only occurs in the Tomcat 5.0 series. Tomcat 5.5 series does not have the problem.

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