IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

In-flight request search

In the In-flight request search page, you can search for requests that are currently open on an application server. As a request normally closes relatively quickly, this search is useful for locating hanging transactions, which result from an application malfunction.

To search for a request in a server group, select the group name in the Group control.

To search for a request in an individual server, select the group name in the Group control and the server name in the Server control.

If you have come to this page directly from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal, the group name and server name display automatically.

To search for a request that has a substring in the URL string (for Web requests) or class name (for EJB requests), enter the substring in the Search Request/Transaction control.
Click the OK button to perform the search and view the results.

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