IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics, Version

Multiple hops

Composite requests are not restricted to single-hop transactions.

In particular, composite requests include cases where CICS programs make DPL calls to other CICS Regions. When such a call is made, we say that the depth of the composite request increases. ITCAM for Application Diagnostics can track requests with no limit to the depth of transaction "hops."

For IMS™, any events with the same message tag from any IMS region in an IMS Network appear as a single transaction.

In addition, composite requests can include up to 100 participating requests made directly by each home or participating request. Composite requests can include an unlimited depth of "hops". However, composite requests place a limit on the number of calls that can be tacked by any single request.

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Composite requests involving CICS and IMS systems